Out of Reach Wiki


  • Utility: Siege Weapon
  • Requirement: 200 woods + 100 stones + 50 bronze ingots.
  • Notes: Need stones to be used (as amunitions and to ajdust range. Can be destroyed by torches. You can’t remove or retake it after you build it.
  • Projectiles needed to destroy: Boat and Steam Boat: 5 projectiles and 8 projectiles

How to use it[]

Horizontal movements: use the controllers at the back of the trebuchet. Take care where you install it, not a 180 degrees movement.

To adjust the range, put stones in the container (you can remove them after).

Use E on the crank to see the small bladder coming down. Insert your projectile in it. Then, use the trigger.

Destroying elements with trebuchet[]

Wooden Foundation /stone/volcanite impossible
Wooden Ceiling 1 hit
Straw Roof 1 hit
Triangle Straw Roof 1 hit
Wooden Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite 1/2/3/5 hits
Wooden Diagonal Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite ? hits
Wooden Wall Window /stone/bronze/volcanite 1/2/3/5 hits
Wooden door /stone/bronze/steel 1/?/?/13 hits
Bamboo Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite 1/2/3/5 hits
Diagonal Bamboo Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite ? hits
Builder's Desk 1 hit
Wooden Chest 1 hit
Bed 1 hit
Mooring Bollard 1 hit
Boat / Steam Boat 6/8 hits
Ballista ? hits
Trebuchet ? hits