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A treasure chest can spawn at certain locations along the coastline or on the pirate ship wreck. There are 83 possible locations. At any point in time there are five treasure chests active. Update 29: treasures are divided into levels and drop random loot

When you find an unopened treasure chest you need to break it open to get the contents. Every chest contains gold coins which can be used to upgrade the builders desk to the final stage.

The treasure chest also has a small chance to contain one other item listed below (click on an item name for more information):

A map showing the treasure chest spawn locations is available by clicking here. Update 0.29 from steam page:

  • The first one are simple wooden crates that can be found mostly in the ruin areas. Loot is unprotected and random.
  • The second treasure level are chests to be found on wrecked boats on the beach. They usually roll better loot than the first ones and have a chance to drop gold coins and a map that shows a place of the level 2 treasure.
  • The next level of chests are those in the old ruins, under heavy pirate protection. They drop the highest level gear, as well as gatherable materials like steel and obsidian.