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The Internet network have it's "etiquette", the Netiquette, the "do and don'ts" of the online life... so, I thought, even the survival online worlds may have their "etiquette", the Survivalette, with do and don'ts of the online survival life.

As PvP kind of survival worlds have their own "methods" to make the persons to be respected, and they're usually "more free" in the life (and death) expressions, here you'll find the _PvE_ (Player versus Environment) etiquette. Anyhow this document will benefit of each and every PvP players' help too.

As you will see, there will be no "rules", as rules are imposed by admins via ToS (Terms of Service) and enforced up to the players' ban if violated. This survivalette is composed by "guidelines": some way of conduct hints to make even the survival life enjoyable by players. If you won't respect these guidelines you won't be banned or reported: you'll be simply a little rude... but maybe your character is that way, so ok too. ;-)

The guidelines[]

#1 PvE and PvP[]

PvE means players vs environment not vs others players: we're here to survive the environmental dangers. Maybe together, maybe alone, but remember the environment is not yours, all players will benefit by a fair behaviour from you.

#2 respect and comprehension[]

Keep calm: the player in front of you may be wrong, may be unaware of some aspects, may think he knows more than you what is he doing and the environment... and this may also be true. Speak quietly, tell him that "you think" he is in danger (if he is), tell him what "you think" is correct, but keep your mind (and ears) opened, as the one in danger may be you, and/or you may misunderstood what he meant.

#3 this world is not that far from the real life[]

If in real life you're a nice and thoughtful person, is not a must to be here a rude and mindless one: think also that, beyond the other player's avatar, beyond a screen and a keyboard, there is a person like you, nor better, nor worst. He is not the rhino which is trying to kill you, he is a person: if you'll be nice with him he probably will help you when in danger, as this is not your fight with him but your survival fight against the dangerous environment.

#4 your targets, their targets, all targets[]

You have your targets to reach, others have their targets too: help them reaching their targets if you like to, but don't expect others will treat you as The Most Important In The Whole Universe, as you're not, the same as they're not.

#5 about languages[]

Maybe you and some others are speaking english in the public channel, but where you read that english is the "official language" of this server? Despite it is usually used to speak by different countries' people, in the trial to be understood by foreign others, english is NOT the official language outside the countries which have this as motherlanguage, so not here for sure. Expect others don't know english, expect others may speak using different anguages with their mates, help them if you know their language, don't disrespect them 'cause they don't know english, ask to yourself if you know their language or just how much languages you know.

#6 about the environment[]

You have to know that animals don't like to live near to villages or houses so, if you build your home or make your village too near to them, they will go and won't return. You may think you won a battle but, if you better look at it you'll find that you lost: your survival fight to remain alive will be impaired by the absence of the animals near to you, no more meat, no resources (no hides, no bones, no fat). Now think what it may happen if ALL other players will do the same, making the animals to flee, to starve and die: no more resources for all, no leathers for armors, no bones for spears and bows... so you and all others will die. As animals usually stay in the valleys and plains, try building on hills or mountains: there are high plains where animals don't go, build there your villages. If you need some barricade (why?) to protect your village (from who?) don't expand it too far, leave the animals their zones to live. If you find a nice place to build and see there are animals around, that's exactly the place where NOT to build: go finding another place as there are many.

#7 woods and chopping trees[]

Maybe you like to chop big tall trees, to harvest the more resources you need... well... even others like that: don't build your house too near to the trees as they're like animals: they won't grow too near to the houses or villages. If you have to build near to trees search the smaller ones leaving the flora as intact as possible as you try to keep fauna the same.

#8 don't be greedy[]

You're trying to survive, ok, but this shouldn't be done against others players' survivability: you need a home, maybe a dock where to moor your boat, maybe a separate store, ok... Do you really need the dozen of houses where you placed your desk? really? ask yourself if you "just want them", if you're playing with them, or they just stay there, preventing others players to have their house in a nice place. If your clan is big (e.g. 5-10 players) it may need some other structures: bigger main house, maybe a castle, maybe a barricade (?), maybe some guard towers (you know, at night rhinos may sneak undetected into your castle and kill all while sleeping ;-))), bigger docks where to moor many boats... it's ok, but why your clan have to need building all of them here, there in the other isle, to the north and to the south, and this into all isles? How really big is your clan? 1.000 players? more? Respect even other players' lifespace as they need an hut too.

#9 about the knowledge[]

Maybe you're here, hunting, harvesting and building since some time, you had your experiences, you flee from the death so many times, your house's stores are full of meat and fat of the big beasts you killed... we could call you a seasoned survivalist. So... if a newbie will find himself stranded on the shore, with no more than his pants and a stone in his hand, and you're passing nearby, please, don't tell him "let's go caressing the nearby tigers, they're always happy to see you!". Think about this: the newbie player may come from another server where he ruled the world from his high castle. Anyhow, share your knowledge to others, they will do with you too: all players do different experiences and learn different things to some extent, maybe you'll benefit the advices of the one which is looking at his stone in front of you, in the future.

#10 OpenSurvivalette[]

This should be the last guideline but, as this is an "open document" and we're not thinking we're perfect and this is complete and immutable over all (see guideline #2 ;-)), we expect that many experienced players will have suggestions to improve the exposed guidelines, and to add even others, keeping in mind that "short is beautiful": no one will read a ponderous document made of thousand of pages.

The clan of Elves (and many others)


This is the result of the work of many players, I just wrote the summary of we told so, as you may understood, the ideas are theirs and each and every mistake or error is mine. ;-)


Andrausthor [Elves]

Chris Thorson [Elves]

Eli [Elves]

Thecernius [TS]