Out of Reach Wiki

Informations[ | ]

  • Ship can be damaged by siege weapons including ballista and cannons
  • Ship may explode due to its cargo - black powder barrels
  • All the damages are visible on the ship's skin, including flying planks and burning barrels
  • Sunk ship drops chest with random high level loot

Pirates Ship Behavior ( 24 Nov 2017)[ | ]

  • There are several ships near archipelago, in most cases they won't enter each others territory
  • In patrolling mode, they would look for an easy win just by sailing around
  • When other ship approaches and the angle is good, pirates would fire first two cannons to scare off the intruder
  • If you don't leave them alone or you just happen to be on the colliding course pirates will engage
  • During the fight, pirates will try to keep aiming at their enemy's ship while avoiding cannon balls at the same time

Pirates Ship Crew ( 24 Nov 2017)[ | ]

  • The crew consists of 3 pirates and the captain
  • Besides cannons, they will fire guns and swing swords whenever possible
  • When the captain loses the fight, he will try to blow the ship up so that no one gets his precious treasure