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Informations[ | ]

  • First iteration of Pirate Camps brings up 8 coastal bases where pirate groups can settle. (July 2017)
  • All the locations are designed inside forest or desert ruins (a new biom) to provide protection against long distance weapons.
  • These regions will be populated with another portion of flora and fauna objects in the next patches. Similar works will be done to mountain slopes that are unreachable right now.
  • Important Treasure Chests in thoose camps
  • Pirate(s) killed would respawn immediatly if you go too far away

Pirates NPC[ | ]

  • There are currently dozen of them and they are potentially able to develop different skills in the future.
  • All of them will be based on behavior trees. Right now we've got melee fighters who draw weapons when player is close enough, chase him if necessary, search the area when player escapes, go back to protect treasure when out of combat or simply take a pistol and shoot on sight.