Out of Reach Wiki

Glider[ | ]

  • Utility: Offensive weapon
  • Requirement: 20 woods + 15 Flax Fibers + 5 fats + 2 hides.
  • Notes: 3 parts required to make a glider

Guide[ | ]

How to use it[ | ]

  • After having crafted 3 glider parts, go near (or build) a Glider Launcher. Press E. You would immediatly be into it with no way to go back.
  • For your first experience with no, try with Nothing in your inventory in case of a possible crash.
  • Control it with the mouse. Go higher you can then go down to take speed. The time you can stand in sky dépends the way you use that.
  • Right click to see under the glider, and left click to throw stone from it.
  • Land softly on ground as flat as possible to take back 2 glider parts.

Video[ | ]

Destroying elements with Glider[ | ]

Wooden Foundation /stone/volcanite Impossible
Wooden Ceiling 1 hit
Straw Roof 1 hit
Triangle Straw Roof 1 hit
Wooden Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite ? hits
Wooden Diagonal Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite ? hits
Wooden Wall Window /stone/bronze/volcanite ? hits
Wooden door /stone/bronze/steel ? hits
Bamboo Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite ? hits
Diagonal Bamboo Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite ? hits
Builder's Desk ? hits
Wooden Chest ? hits
Bed ? hits
Mooring Bollard 1 hit
Boat / Steam Boat 6/8 hits
Ballista ? hits
Trebuchet ? hits