Out of Reach Wiki

Installation[ | ]

Out of Reach Dedicated Server is available in tools list at Steam / Library / Tools page. You can install and start it just as you install and start games. If you would like to start server 'outside' of Steam please use instructions from this page.

Tools page

Network configuration[ | ]

Out of Reach Dedicated Server listens for incoming connections vvv on the ports listed below. Ensure your network configuration allows incoming connections to these ports and directs them to the host that will be running your dedicated server.

Port number
Server port 27016 (TCP/UDP)
Steam's Server browser query port 27010 (TCP/UDP)
Web console port 19933 (TCP)

If you don't know how to open / forward ports on your router, please check out https://portforward.com/help/portforwarding.htm for more help.

Troubleshooting[ | ]

Microsoft Windows version of Out of Reach Dedicated Server requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64), which should be installed by Steam at first startup of server. If for any reason it was not installed, you will have to do it by yourself. You can find instalator at server's directory which is by default:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\oor-server\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015\vc_redist.x64.exe

If you would have any other problems please send compressed oor-server\logs folder at support@spaceboatstudios.com

Web console[ | ]

By default web console is available at URL. Web console user is: admin and password is: pass

At the first start, server does not have a name and region selected and thus will not be able to connect to Steam Master Server and will not be visible in the game on servers list. To set a name and region go to Server parameters menu.

Adminstrator privileges[ | ]

Any player can be assigned / revoked with administrator privileges from Players menu. Those privileges give access to following in-game commands:

Command Description
/god Enter / leave god mode
/gimiwood [amount] Gives [amount] of wood
/gimistone [amount] Gives [amount] of stone
/gimimeat [amount] Gives [amount] of meat
/gimiflaxfiber [amount] Gives [amount] of flax fiber
/gimiredberry [amount] Gives [amount] of red berries
/gimihide [amount] Gives [amount] of animal hide
/gimibone [amount] Gives [amount] of animal bone
/gimifat [amount] Gives [amount] of animal fat
/gimibronze [amount] Gives [amount] of bronze
/gimiiron [amount] Gives [amount] of iron
/gimisteel [amount] Gives [amount] of steel
/gimicopper [amount] Gives [amount] of cooper
/gimitin [amount] Gives [amount] of tin
/givecoins [amount] Gives [amount] of gold coins
/tp '[nick]' Teleports to player with given [nick]
/tp [X] [Y] [Z] Teleports to location with given [X] [Y] [Z] coordinates

Default [amount] in /gimiRESOURCE command is 100

God mode[ | ]

Players with administrator privileges can enter god mode (/god command in chat window), this mode gives following abilities:

  1. Immortality
  2. Bypass of all building rights / permissions
  3. Fly mode - to enter / leave this mode press Z