Out of Reach Wiki

Basic Informations[ | ]

Claiming 1
  • Archipelago divided in 12 territories
  • 12 flags on the various islands, 1 by territory
  • Enable to earn points for Clans Ranking of the server and get bonus when gathering ressources
  • Weekly round. At the end of the week, ranking and flags are reseted. Winner of last round is honored in the ranking and on their emblem.
  • New map with informations about Area Control avalaible (button on general Map). Shows a counter till the end of a round

=> Territories get the color of the current ruler's flag. Flag icons indicate the place of the flag masts as well as the emblems of the current ruler and conqueror.

  • Ingame notifications when clan tries to become the Conqueror or when a clan become the Ruler of a territory.

How to use it[ | ]

  • You must be in a clan. Even if you play alone, you can create one (visit the Clans page)
  • When you have spotted a claiming area mast, press action button (E by default) on the board attached.
  • If there is no flags on that mast, you would become The Ruler of that territory. Your flag would be raised and visible on the map of the territory
  • If there is already flags, you can become The Conqueror of that land. A second little flag would be raised near the big one.
  • Score are visible on the board attached to the mast.

Winning/loosing points[ | ]

  • The Ruler of the Territory:

=> + 1 point per minute

  • The Conqueror of the territory:

=> + 1 point per minute for you clan and -1 point by minute for others clan

  • Death of one member of clan:

=> - 30 points by land where you are The Ruler or The Conqueror. For ex, if your flags are raised on 4 masts you would loose 4 x 30 points.

  • If one of your desks is destroyed:

=> - 0.25 per building component in each territory ruled or conquered