Out of Reach Wiki

44 steam achievments available (13 Feb 2017)[ | ]

  • Don't starve

Gather redberries, corn or mushrooms.

  • I will survive

Gather necessary resources and use the crafting to assemble an axe.

  • First shelter

Build a shelter with foundation, walls and roof.

  • Home, sweet home

Place bed, chest and builder's desk at your shelter.

  • Bow, check! Arrows, check!

Prepare for hunting, craft bow, arrows and bandages.

  • It tastes like chicken

Hunt animal, gather it's resources and make torch of it's fat.

  • Woodcutter

Cut down 500 trees.

  • Lumberjack

Cut down 5000 trees.

  • First blood

Kill first player.

  • Collector

Gather 100 resources.

  • Traveler

Uncover 50 map tiles.

  • Explorer

Uncover 200 map tiles.

  • Pilot

Fly 10 km with glider.

  • Flying Dutchman

Fly 100 km with glider.

  • Voyager

Travel on foot for 10 km.

  • Long range runner

Run for 100 km.

  • Miner

Mine 100 resources.

  • Builder

Place 100 building elements.

  • Architect

Place 1000 building elements

  • Crafter

Craft 100 items.

  • Blacksmith

Craft 1000 items.

  • Sailor

Sail with boat for 10 km.

  • Stonemason

Gather 100 stones.

  • Stonecutter

Gather 1000 stones.

  • What else is there ?

Go explore the island, discover a cave and gather tin and copper.

  • Fire up

Place blacksmith's equipment in your base to cast, forge, craft or upgrade gear.

  • Bronze age

Make use of your smithy to cast, forge and assemble a weapon.

  • Fire in the hole!

Build ballista, cast projectiles and load and fire.

  • Trapper

Hunt down 100 animals.

  • Hunter

Hunt down 1000 animals.

  • Warrior

Kill 10 other players.

  • Warlord

Kill 100 other players.

  • Gatherer

Gather 1000 ressources.

  • Dwarf

Mine 1000 ressources.

  • Seadog

Sail with boat for 100 km.

  • My first grocery

Use seeds found when gathering plants to start a plantation.

  • It's raining

Catch rainwater and use it in the crafting recipes.

  • Let's cook!

Sail with boat for 100 km.Combine different kinds of herbs to get a poison mixture, then apply it on arrows.

  • Engineers! Eyes and ears!

Upgrade elements of your walls and set traps to protect the entrance.

  • Meeting the neighbors

Sail to other islands and check what they have to offer.

  • Nice piece of weapon

Find iron ores on one of the islands and forge a sword.

  • Making an offer

Look for a pirate's ship that sometimes sails through archipelago and try to trade with the captain.

  • My precious!

Sail to other islands and check what they have to offer.

  • Travel like a captain

Use advanced means of transportation to travel around.